She overcame 30 years of seizures

February 21, 2022

Ms. Hajar suffered with sever seizures for 30 years

Suffering from Epilepsy and Seizures since infancy, Ms. Hajar's mother was forced to keep her daughter confined at home for over 30 years.  Her one room became all she knew since her mother became afraid she would experience seizures if she went out as it previously occurred on the streets of Mauritania. This resulted in extreme depression and signs of extreme stress wherein she was pulling her hair and eating it. 

BBI arranged appointments with psychiatrist, Dr. Quadi, and neurologist, Dr. Hala as initial consultants. The team was completed by American Psychiatrist, Dr. Eisenstein. The team examined Ms. Hajar to determine the best course of action. Tests included EEG studies to determine the severity of her epilepsy.

Ms. Hajar in her home

Expert guided treatment made the difference

Treatment began with an expert guided approach of low dosages of an anticonvulsant so that Ms. Hajar would not become too sedate from normal dosage levels. Previous medical history noted that was the case. After one month of treatment, the correct dosage achieved spectacular results. Ms. Hajar had absolutely no seizures and no adverse side effects from medication. Ms. Hajar was a "completely different patient", noted one of her doctors.

In this seizure free state, Ms. Hajar was re-assessed to determine if she had any ongoing psychiatric conditions that would prevent her from being challenged in positive ways to regain her self esteem and spiritual meaning in life. Thank God, no significant underlying psychiatric or medical disorder kept her from starting her new life away from the confinements of her single room.

Ms. Hajar wellness spa

Ms. Hajar looks to the future

The BBI wellness team began the process of reintegrating her into society, out of her home and training for a new career. Ms. Hajar will have ongoing medical, neurological and psychiatric evolutions as needed to help her maintain her level of independence and identify any issues that may arise in the future. She now challenges her body, mind and spirit as she becomes a contributing member of active society.

Ms. Hajar with BBI Vice President Gwen Hubbard

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