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BBI has over 18 years of providing emergency preparedness and natural disaster relief, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Project New Direction: At Risk Youth

From 2007, we have worked in collaboration with the Office of Juvenile Services, Probation, and Parole, and Juvenile Judges in East Baton Rouge Parish to help over 300 young people obtain accredited high school diplomas, enter into post-secondary education, enter into the military, or enter into the workforce. Over 200 students participated in the program, these young people were either on probation, coming out of detention, dropped out of schools or expelled from schools. Some of the young women were single mothers. We incorporated trauma-sensitive techniques because some of our participants were dealing with violent and life-threatening events. All of the participants went into post-secondary education institutions, the military, or employment. The program’s vitality is to address the cycle of poverty that young people globally feel trapped in, and in showing a bright, hopeful future. Project New Direction is an essential program that we are in the process of expanding internationally into Mauritania.

Sports Enrichment Program

We serviced hundreds of young people through our sports enrichment program in partnership with the Capital City Crusaders founded in 2015 by creating a pipeline from elementary school to semi-professional basketball league. Our sports program served as a crime prevention strategy to keep young people engaged in positive activities, promoting a lifetime of health, and ensuring long-standing communities. We were able to service around 300 youth from the ages of 10 to 24. The vast majority of participants went on to post-secondary education.

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Our current community programs continue our work and take initiative in areas such as high school diploma courses, anger management, and substance abuse counseling. If you or someone you love needs help in these areas click on the button below and fill in form so a member of BBI can get in touch with you!

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The work we do, your donation impact, and the needs out there

October 15, 2022
Youth Empowerment & Leadership

BBI Louisiana Project New Direction for Youth Empowerment and Leadership. This is a holistic program that prepares youth for leadership & addresses unhealthy behaviors in at-risk youth and provides them opportunities to learn skills and gain experiences that contribute to more positive lifestyles.

April 23, 2022
Youth Are The Future

BBI Vice President Mrs. Gwen Hubbard-Bebatt grooming Mauritanian youth for the future! This Time IS for Africa!!!!

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