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BBI has over 18 years of providing emergency preparedness and natural disaster relief, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Huge need to Increase the mental health treatment in Mauritania

There are thousands of Mauritanians struggling with neurological and/or psychiatric disorders that keep them from living a meaningful and productive life and keep them and their families imprisoned in a life of suffering without hope unless they can get the healthcare and wellness support needed to treat their disorder and rehabilitate the person back to a being a productive member of their community.


Lack of psychiatric specialists

There are only 10 Psychiatrist in Mauritania, with another 4 in school in Morocco and Paris. The psychiatric specialists are out numbered, they are doing the best they could. In order to be able to treat more patients, BBI International Inc. will developp a partnership between national psychiatrist and a American psychiatrist, Dr Eisenstein.

How It Works

BBI operates the mental health care development program by doing the following:

  • Identify the people in need of comprehensive mental health care
  • Set up appointment with local doctors then a virtual assessment by Dr. Steven Eisenstein in the US
  • Perform the needed medical examination to have the proper diagnosis
  • Prescribe any needed medicine
  • Cover the cost of treatment
  • Certified medical follow-ups are provided
  • Reintegrate the person as a contributing member of the community after recovery

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News & Stories

The work we do, your donation impact, and the needs out there

April 23, 2022
Mauritania Food Distribution Ramadan 2022

There are so many people in need of basic food worldwide. This year BBI International focused on ensuring we could help a community through the distribution of essential food.

February 21, 2022
She overcame 30 years of seizures

Ms. Hajar was confined at home for over 30 years due to seizures since infancy. BBI arranged proper medical treatment and diagnoses for an extraordinary turnaround. Ms. Hajar is now learning career development skills so she can contribute to her society and build a life for herself.

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