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BBI has over 18 years of providing emergency preparedness and natural disaster relief, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Education & Training

Job Training and Education

We are dedicated to ensuring everyone’s right to an education. We have partnered with local Mauritanian schools in low-income areas to ensure that no student should face any obstacles to success by supporting them with school supplies, clothing, and food. Additionally, we are launching a program to provide students with nutritious meals at their place of education.

At BBI, we strive to make people competitive for jobs in the modern economy and to be prepared to participate in the global market. We offer training in workforce development and professional English language courses.

BBI has worked on curriculum for

  • Highest quality education
  • English support classes
  • Adult education

Financial Wellness

A lack of knowledge and financial literacy could lead to unsustainable debt burdens, poor credit, loss of income and risks of being a victim of fraud, which could damage your long-term financial success and impact your ability to live life on your terms. Today, many consumers have little understanding of their finances. In fact, a lack of financial understanding may underscore why many citizens across the globe struggle with saving and investing.

Financial planning is long term, and people cannot depend on one-time windfalls such as government subsidies distributed. Individuals must be dedicated to improving their financial knowledge to manage their day-to-day financial lives while also taking steps to improve their future financial portfolio.

BBI understands that the process to financial independence is neither easy nor self-explanatory. As we prepare people to enter into the roles of first-time homebuyers, the workforce, or even becoming an entrepreneur we will not leave you empty handed, and the financial skills you need to thrive. The curriculum for our financial literacy courses includes such topics such as: credit, managing and protecting assets….

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