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Our emphasis is to serve without apprehension

CEO of BBI Pastor Gus Spurlock
Pastor Gus Spurlock, President & CEO

At BBI, our passion and concern is for the less fortunate. We feel wholeheartedly that our mission is to bring services and resources to those less fortunate through our actions. The goal of the human race has always been servitude, and our worth comes from serving our creator. Our emphasis is to serve without apprehension, without choosing, no matter race, nor creed, nor color. We are simply servants who have been commissioned to serve the creator's aim.  

We live in a day and age, where people around the world are crying out for help

BBI is one of the tools that is created to help answer that call.

It was no question to do our work in the state of Louisiana, USA. We are part of the community, we walk among them, we are not apart nor above but among those who we serve in Louisiana. They are neighbors, they are our family. I was born and raised in Louisiana and my heart is in my home, but my soul is abroad. It is our calling to help educate youth, to ensure women understand their true value, and to respond to natural emergencies because we live in these communities, and it is our spiritual brothers and sisters who are calling to us.

Our creator chose Mauritania as a place of service for BBI for the purpose of forging connections to the poor and providing the needy with holistic services and pathways out of poverty. When I received the country report on Mauritania and saw that 16 percent of people are living below the extreme poverty line, I knew that these are the people we wanted to help. It prompted us to create an all-encompassing plan, using aid and services and donations to bring hope to people who never experienced running water in their home, nevertheless a whole kitchen, and never experienced a home as we know them. Living inside of walls and tents in the 21st century. It hurts my heart, it disturbs my spirit, it gives me unrest. Especially considering all that I have, seeing people not only take advantage of and abuse this, when I read about people whose household income amounts to $100 a month. This is why we chose Mauritania to bring hope in their moments of despair. Also, we are asking many other Samaritan hearts to join with us as we  create communities of wellness, increased workforce, health, excellence in academia and financial independence in this mission.  

Building Bridges socially, economically and intellectually

We have been building bridges both physically and in our hearts for a long time. Our bridges were built by donations, businesses, government entities, philanthropists and  faith-based communities extending the bridges of global community to support each other. Our bridges were built socially, economically, and intellectually. Our tools are partnerships, donations, volunteers, and faith. All of our efforts were built around love. Our 3 Cs are concern, care, and compassion. We approach each individual with concern to see their hurt and their struggles.  This concern builds care, we care for the person who lives in poverty and is begging for water. To perform the act of service without looking for someone to do something in return is compassion, we merely want them to carry their 3cs in their heart and share it.  

The tools in our belt are education, affordable homes, workforce development, entrepreneurship, financial literacy. The tools that it takes for a family to achieve generations of success and wellbeing. The barrier is creating opportunities where there are none. We see the needs of the desperate and do not approach them with a blind eye or empty heart.

Everyone deserves an opportunity. Be a voice, answer the call, and build a bridge! Help us push for change in the United States and abroad. Contribute your talent to help advocate for a prosperous future all around the world.

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